Dancing in the Rain.


The other day my husband and I went out with a couple who were our close friends to the football for the night. We decided to leave a little early so that we would miss the bad weather that was about to hit. Instead we left at the exact moment, that while we were walking to the car the wild wind started and the rain began to pour!

We were caught in it.

I thought about running for it but instead my hubby and I just walked in the pouring rain getting saturated, it was only when the wind kicked up a notch that we decided to run the last leg.

The time spent walking in the rain I tried hard not to judge the moment in a negative way, although it was hard. It was freezing cold and my perfect make-up and straightened hair were getting ruined, but I realised that it didn’t matter.

It was actually fun getting wet, getting ruined in some way. My husband and I were holding each other as we laughed while the wind and rain pounded us, it was a binding moment. It was nice to let go and have no control over the situation.

I was feeling uncomfortable but I accepted it.

Maybe next time I won’t walk in the rain, maybe I will dance in it! I never understood why my dog who hates water goes and plays in the rain, now I know why…It’s fun! It makes you feel like a kid again, which is a feeling that many of us forget.

Being childlike is the essence of who we are, it allows us to be free. So maybe today is a good day to have a little fun, experience the world differently even though it can feel uncomfortable.

Be childlike, have fun!