Growing from Discomfort.


Wouldn’t it be nice to wrap yourself up in a warm little ball and stay in a place that made you feel cozy all day long for the rest of your life?


We were born to grow, to learn, to teach, to enhance, to find wisdom, to expand, to create, to move forward, to explore, to advance, to share, to give, to receive, to feel, to push boundaries, to believe, to know, to ask, to allow, to move, to dance, to live!

We were meant to experience life in all of it’s riches, the most wonderful thing is to feel uncomfortable because this is how you know that your soul wants to do more. It is asking you to grow and to learn new and wonderful things so that you can then have the ability to pass on the knowledge that you have learnt to others.

Don’t deny yourself a gift because of fear, embrace the things that scare you so that you can be more! Who knows it just may turn into something that you love to do. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Go forth and grow!