Understanding Idiots!


I went to my public speaking course last week it was a chance for me to enhance my skills and do something I had always found scary. I was full of fear and excitement at the same time not knowing what to expect but thinking that today, no matter what, was going to be a great day full of learning and growing. It Was!

The first speaker went for an hour and he had such a encouraging voice and clear vision, he was easy to understand but he was paving the way for the No1 speaker who was going to change our lives.

When this No1 speaker entered, my heart dropped instantly, I knew from his energy that this was not going to be the day that I was going to learn about public speaking. When he began I told myself that I would give him my time and allow him a chance to prove to me that he was a quality person that could teach me what I was wanting to know.

He was not!

After allowing three hours of my time it was easily known that he was an arrogant, self obsessed man who literally said that if you did not sign up with him you would be unsuccessful forever, doomed to poverty. I listened to three hours of how awesome he was and how much money he had, he was not afraid to let you know that he was better than all of us.

There were no words from his mouth about how I could be a better public speaker.

He flitted from one item to another and back again making it hard to even understand where he was or what he was trying to focus on. His public speaking skills were the worst I had ever seen! I was embarrassed to be there.

His theory was fear based selling and believe me it worked with many people running to sign up with him for something that really had no substance. His idea was if you got a selfie with a famous person then you would sky-rocked your business. That is all you really had to do, and that is what he would do for the money he was asking.

I felt so sad for him. I left knowing that I would not return, unable to ever get back those three hours of my life. I was frustrated because here was a man selling fear and it was working. Now I’m not stupid, we deal with these sorts of idiots every day and yes it is frustrating when they succeed at deception but did I waste my time?


I learned how NOT to public speak!

After seeing him I acknowledge that I already was good at speaking to people, even though I had not spoken to more than a handful at a time it gave me confidence that I already had the ability that he did not have…..

I have the ability to create a safe environment,

To listen with empathy,

To allow my opinion while understanding others,

To not judge.

It made me even more determined to succeed my way, the way that will outlast anything else, by doing it from a place of good intention, love, empathy, gratitude and peace. I am so proud of who I have become, I am able to walk away knowing that I am more than fear telling me that I need something outside of myself to be better.

He made me remember my own power.

So, thankyou Mr.Ego who tried to teach me public speaking, you have taught me how grateful I am that I am nothing like you, I will pray for you and send you love knowing how much you need it. Your heart is set in fear, power and money, which saddens me but allows me to know that if I send you love that the universe may assist you in truly understanding what life is really about…….

Helping each other,

and LOVE.