Being Me Fearlessly.

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My whole life I have always known who I was, sadly because of outside influences I chose to believe that negative voice in my head that told me that I should hide myself away and to be humble. It was how I was taught to be in the world, and when you learn something so well it is very hard to unlearn it.

But we have each individually been chosen to express upon this world traits that we own to teach and bless others.

Why do we hold such fear in expressing who we are?

Why are we afraid to allow our true selves to shine?

Many people have been shut down so many times that they start expressing themselves in harmful ways just to be seen. Just to be heard. It has taken me a long time to understand that what I already knew deep down inside of myself was always the truth, my truth.

Just as yours is inside of you.

There is no need to allow yourself to be hidden away in a dark corner hoping that no-one will ever see you, instead be seen. You have all been given so many gifts and talents that the world is dying to see. Yes, there will be those who will tell you to go back into the corner where you belong. Instead of doing what they say just know that they themselves are hiding. They are the ones who will teach you to never give up. They will be your strength that will make you stronger so that you can be better.

Be the best version of yourself that you can possible be, don’t be afraid of what others will think of you, instead be afraid of never living your truth.

Isn’t that a scarier thought?

So pounce on life and be yourself fearlessly, things will go wrong, you will get frustrated but who cares at least you are living and being the best you that you can be.


Here is a snippet from my next book (A thriller/suspense) which will be released early next year:

Life has this ability to do what is best for us, it works for us, not against us, although many times we do not understand its purpose. 

The debate of where we go when we die still to this day becomes the foremost fear in our lives, in our religions and in our minds. The fear that we may not be good enough on this planet, that we may not deserve to go to that beautiful place in the sky called heaven. 

There is that fear of, will I go to hell? 

We have been taught many things, we have been shown many things, and we have heard many things. But still to this day, there is no more knowledge given to any of us about death and its secrets, and so, we still fear its unexplained vagueness.

But what if death was just a beautiful transition?

What if heaven was already on earth?

What if hell did not exist?

What if we wasted all of our life worrying, to the very point that we FORGOT TO LIVE

Isn’t that more fearful?