Fly Higher.


People can be mean, even when they don’t even realise. We have all experienced a person or two in our lives who has brought us pain. Even our loved ones, our family and friends can hurt us. Sometimes they can be the worst ones. I am sure that I myself have caused others pain.

I have been told so many horrible things over my lifetime, and only since around six years ago I believed them all. I was lost, I had no faith or purpose in my life. I always gave up because I was told that I would never be good enough. I can guarantee that most of you reading this would agree with me, that you also have experienced this.

But then I realised something…

*It wasn’t about me at all, it was about the offender and their own insecurities.

*Everything said to me that hurt me were lies, and they could only hurt me if I decided to own them. I had a choice and I could choose to let them go.

*I am enough and I have purpose.

People still say horrible things, some intentionally and some not. But I have learnt to see it differently now, and I do not allow one persons opinion dictate who I am. I fly above all the crap and I find the truth, and that is…

*I am limitless and I am enough.

*I can be and do anything I want and that is exactly what I plan on doing.

*Anything is possible if I believe.

Fly higher my dear friends, believe in yourself and soar!



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  1. Well said Tarina, if only we all could rise above the words spoken over us, or at us. Many times too I would love to retract words. I love reading your thoughts and insights, thank you for sharing.

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