Hello to everyone out there, how exciting is this? My “The Truth is Your Medicine” blog. Over time we will learn a great deal about each other and we will also learn a great deal of information together, because life is a journey and it is about learning new things all of the time. That’s what makes life so fun and exciting!

Let me introduce myself to you, my name is Tarina but my nickname from my family and friends is Rinnie. I am forty years old and a Mum of two, my eldest son is an angel in heaven and my youngest son is an earth angel. I have started this site so that my light can shine from outside the circle of my friends and family members to all of you who are somewhere in this awesome world. What an amazing time in life where you can now communicate to the whole wide world from one small laptop.

In the posts to come I will tell you the story about my life which is quite an amazing one, I hope it’s a story that will inspire and help many of you by it’s words. I finally have realised that it only takes one word, one look or even one smile to change someones life, to change the world…….but how? you ask me. Simple! Everything we do impacts the world and the people in it, so why not infect it daily with amazing vibes and thoughts. Emotions are contagious you know! The one thing I’m going to really ask you to do is to be more aware…………… WAKEY WAKEY!! If we all just lived life with greater awareness the world would be an even more amazing place.

First I wanted to let you know why I chose this name for my blog….. I have searched high and low for so many answers to health, life and the reasons why the world is as it is. Why do we get sick? How do we fix it? Why do we do the things we do as human beings? Is it our chemistry, our food, our environment, chemicals? Is it the disconnection to our source? Is it our unbelievable way of living our lives sub-consciously and repetitively?  There are so many unanswered questions that I felt needed to be answered or some how understood with more clarity. This will be the journey of my life told and what I have discovered from all of my experiences. Many of the things I have discovered have lead me back to simplicity, maybe I just had to realise that the answers were actually quite simple. Could it be US that makes the world and our lives so complicated?

My life over the last ten years has seen me give birth to two beautiful boys, fight for my eldest sons life after a battle with brain cancer, losing that battle and then saying goodbye to him forever. Grief can do crazy things to a person! Especially after the battle our family has gone through. With myself falling ill to many symptoms with no diagnosis a few years after this tragedy I was becoming unrecognisable to myself. It was time to learn what it was that I needed to do to once again be me, to be whole. I had my wonderful husband and my youngest precious son still lighting up my days on this earth so for me there was no way I could just give up, how could I? (Oh how I wanted to).

So join with me in my journey and my discoveries of how I have slowly recreated myself, climbed a couple of mountains and finally chose to heal. How? When you eventually realise that your own truth within yourself IS your medicine, then nothing can stop you, things begin to change. I am so grateful for my life now because I have learnt and continue to learn how to harness the power that lies within ourselves.

During this journey together I will pass on my secrets, my story and my knowledge, but more than that I want to keep learning! Together we will discover all the amazing things about life, from the smallest light bulb moments to the biggest epiphanies. I’m here to grow! Let’s all enjoy the ride of life together and become happy, healthy and whole.




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