Shutting the Doors.

Thank you to everyone who has followed this journey with me. Sadly ‘The Truth is Your Medicine’ will be shutting its doors on may the 23rd 2019. There will no longer be a blog or a facebook page promoting this name. Due to the low traffic and the effort, time and money needed to continue … More Shutting the Doors.

Fly Higher.

People can be mean, even when they don’t even realise. We have all experienced a person or two in our lives who has brought us pain. Even our loved ones, our family and friends can hurt us. Sometimes they can be the worst ones. I am sure that I myself have caused others pain. I … More Fly Higher.

Being Me Fearlessly.

My whole life I have always known who I was, sadly because of outside influences I chose to believe that negative voice in my head that told me that I should hide myself away and to be humble. It was how I was taught to be in the world, and when you learn something so … More Being Me Fearlessly.

Understanding Idiots!

I went to my public speaking course last week it was a chance for me to enhance my skills and do something I had always found scary. I was full of fear and excitement at the same time not knowing what to expect but thinking that today, no matter what, was going to be a … More Understanding Idiots!

It’s Fearless Friday…

FEARLESS FRIDAY……. What have you done that you were scared about but did it anyway!!!!! I have just enrolled in a free public speaking seminar and I am shaking in my boots!!!!! I say…..Go for it! Tarina.