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This blog page is a collation of events that have occurred within my own life and are my shared opinions and ideas because of those events. Also by using my own research and thoughts I have formed the many ideas that I share with you in this blog, but they are in no way a reason to over see ANY medical advice from a professional in any area. Please seek professional medical advice when needed.

All photographs, quotes, blogs and all forms of writings and pictures published within this blog are my own unless otherwise stated. This means that everything on this blog is copyrighted to the truth is your medicine and myself, Tarina Marcinkowski. This also means that nothing from this blog is to be used in anyway, especially financially without my sole permission. If posts are shared then the copyright logo must not be removed or tampered with in anyway.

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This blog is to be an honest and loving blog which shares information to help better peoples lives and support those who need positive encouragement, it is not a form of verbal abuse, bad language or any form of discrimination. Anything less than love and gratitude for each other on this blog will not be tolerated. If at anytime I feel a comment or public involvement is negative and not fitting into this blogs positive structure and rules it will be deleted/dealt with in whichever way I feel is correct.

Please remember that this is a blog expressing my life events, ideas, thoughts and beliefs and in no way do I expect you to believe every single thing that I say and do, nor do I promote this information as factual evidence. All I want from you is to just trust yourself and if I post something that resonates within your heart then take it on board and investigate it for yourself. The true reason for this blog is to get you asking questions about your life, especially the question WHY? Most of the time our own truths cannot be found outside of ourselves but instead inside of our own being, we just have to learn to start listening.

So please enjoy my blog and I hope that in some way it inspires you to be the best you that you can possibly be………happy, healthy and whole.