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Tarina Marcinkowski has written a searing memoir about her two-year-old son Jack, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor. At the time of his diagnosis, she is pregnant with her second son, Luke.

Though she had not intended to write a book about her experience, the author realizes that people need to know exactly what Jack went through, what she went through, and what her family and friends went through. She tells her truth through her eyes as a mother, offering her story as the only way she knows to help or comfort others.

From western medication to natural therapies, the author spares no detail about the treatments her son endures in the effort to save his life. Her purpose in offering this book is to show readers a story that is not uncommon in todays world, to offer others the inspiration to know that even when things seem unbearable, anything is possible. This is a memorable story of a familys resiliency in the face of the most difficult of circumstances.

Ebook ID 978-1-5043-0694-2     Paperback ID 978-1-5043-0693-5

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Sometimes the only way to destroy the darkness is to be the darkness.

Azra does not know she is broken, not yet anyway. A confused soul torn in two trying to exist in two different worlds. In love with two separate beings. When she discovers her true identity, that she is half human and half angel, she is forced to see the truth: that if she can reunite her soul on earth she will become a weapon of darkness created by God himself. Her purpose, to protect the chosen one – A boy named Jackson.

This boy, the key to earth’s salvation will be hells ultimate damnation. But hell has a powerful keeper- Cain. And until hell itself freezes over he will not be intimidated by a child and some foolish broken angel.

Cain can sense Azra’s vulnerabilities- her manic human emotions. These emotions will betray Azra’s heavenly connection, causing her to separate from the very powers she needs to eliminate Cain.

Who will win this supernatural battle?

Let the war begin.