The Balancing Act.

The last few weeks has brought me the magical lesson of balance! Isn’t it wonderful to ride the train of life’s amazing lessons whether they are easy, hard, scary, or fun? Okay I’m being a little sarcastic here! Of course I would rather have those lessons of life being the good, easy and the very … More The Balancing Act.

Being Burnt by Anger.

We all have a very good reason why we get angry sometimes, and because we are emotional beings it is completely human and okay to sometimes feel and experience anger. Every moment and feeling allows learning. My first thing I am going to tell you is to ride the emotion through and allow it to … More Being Burnt by Anger.

The Time is NOW!

If you really stop and think about it, you know that there is no other time that exists except the present moment. It doesn’t take much to acknowledge that this is a fact. But why is it that we don’t act like we know this information to be true? We seem to live in the … More The Time is NOW!

Move that Mountain!

I’ve climbed so many mountains throughout my life. I’ve clawed my way to the top every single time. Each one exhausting and painful but I can say that they have never defeated me…….and then I finally learned how to MOVE them instead! What this means is that I had chosen in the past to continue … More Move that Mountain!

It’s Time to Shine.

It’s not a hard one today people! No more excuses, no more waiting till the right time. There is no other time that exists but the present moment, that is a fact! No more listening to peoples lies about you! No more lying to yourself! You have a light inside of you that is always … More It’s Time to Shine.

Fear CANNOT Contain You.

So firstly let us start by saying that ALL emotions/feelings ARE energy….. Yes that’s correct everything that you feel, think or do is energy in motion. Every emotion has a different vibration at which it is measured. Higher vibration rich emotions are joy, gratitude and the best one of all, unconditional love. The lower measured … More Fear CANNOT Contain You.


There is one great lesson that my beautiful Jack taught me, and that is that I AM Limitless! I absolutely love this photo taken by my niece Ashley which really portrays that we are like the tree, limitless to the environment. We can grow and grow and grow because the sky is NOT even the … More I AM…..LIMITLESS!

Own Everything!

Did you know that everything of you, you own. You own your thoughts, You own your feelings, You own your emotions, You own your actions, You own your words, You own whatever it is that you send out into the world and what you consume into yourself. Everything is energy and all energy can be … More Own Everything!

Have a Little Faith.

Letting go and having trust in something more than yourself is one of the most scariest things you could ever do, especially if you are a control freak such as myself! But why is it so hard for us to allow divine guidance to show us the way? My belief is because we don’t understand … More Have a Little Faith.