Own Everything!

Did you know that everything of you, you own. You own your thoughts, You own your feelings, You own your emotions, You own your actions, You own your words, You own whatever it is that you send out into the world and what you consume into yourself. Everything is energy and all energy can be … More Own Everything!

Have a Little Faith.

Letting go and having trust in something more than yourself is one of the most scariest things you could ever do, especially if you are a control freak such as myself! But why is it so hard for us to allow divine guidance to show us the way? My belief is because we don’t understand … More Have a Little Faith.

To Push or to Pull?

This is a closed door….. Looking through it we can see all the wonderful and beautiful things that the world has in store for us to discover. You see how your life COULD be. Sometimes because of fear we choose to close our minds completely to the world’s joy by pulling down the blinds so … More To Push or to Pull?

Going With the Flow.

Sometimes life feels like we have jumped into a river and have spent every waking moment after that scratching and clawing at the banks trying to get out! Maybe we should just stop trying so hard to be in control and allow the river to take us, guide us, to wherever it wants us to … More Going With the Flow.

I Am Perfect.

The very first thing that I like to tell people when they are constantly complaining about themselves is that not only were they created perfectly when they were born, they right now at this very moment are still perfect in every way. People say to me often, “Oh but I’m too overweight!” or “I shouldn’t … More I Am Perfect.

Be Connected.

Today I am going to tell you a story……. I had realised that in my life I had changed. I was becoming more aware of what was happening around me, becoming aware of other people, strangers, their behaviors and what they were doing. It was intriguing and interesting. In line at my local grocery store … More Be Connected.

Look Within.

It took me five long years of researching the questions I had continuously been asking myself, the whys that had always consumed me that never got answered, to understand the concept and the realisation that all answers are found within. It can be an abusive way of self-harm to overload the mind with endless negative … More Look Within.


On a day that was making me feel like I couldn’t fulfill some of the things I wanted to achieve in my life due to financial circumstances, a letter came for me. As I checked my mailbox feeling frustrated and unsure and asking for help from above, I pulled out the letter from the mailbox … More LIFE MATTERS