Know your Worth.

We all know our worth. The heart knows very well what we are and who we are. The heart knows what we should allow and what we should not allow. The heart knows what we should tolerate and what we should not tolerate. We know the truth, that our worth is priceless. BUT there are … More Know your Worth.

Be the Angel

We have been taught throughout our lives that when we do something for someone, or when we give something to someone, we should always get back in return. The concept is correct in some form, as the universe tells us whatever you give is what you receive. Good vibes bring good things, bad vibes bring….. … More Be the Angel

You are Enough!

Today I want you to do something for me, I would like you to go and look at yourself in the mirror. I want you to look deep into your eyes and really see that person who is staring back. Do you love that person? Notice the thoughts that come and go and after you … More You are Enough!

Money from Air.

This week was a busy week, I had spoken to a printer who was finally going to do me a great deal on printing my new fiction ‘The Guardian and the Angel’ where I would actually make money. Hahahahahaha crazy as it sounds I don’t think I can pay $32 each book to print when … More Money from Air.

A Common Denominator.

I don’t mean to be mean this week but I am being a little bit out there and trying to make all of us take ownership for our lives. I truly believe that owning up to where each of us individually find ourselves today is the only way we can move forward, in a good … More A Common Denominator.

You are the Light.

Life throws you a curve ball sometimes and sometimes it rocks your world! Life is about experience and with experience comes emotion. You can strive to be happy but happiness is a choice. Happiness comes with gratitude, love, compassion and joy of living. But happiness can be chosen when you realise what it is, how … More You are the Light.

No Regrets.

I once heard someone say that the graveyard was the most richest place in the world, because it was full of wonderful ideas and long life dreams that never came to be. Instead they were buried inside those very people who chose not to allow those dreams to flourish within their lives. That soil is … More No Regrets.

Dreams Come True!

When I grew up things were changing, but they weren’t like they are today. I grew up still thinking (being told) that I had to give up all my creative dreams to go out and get a proper job, you know the jobs I’m talking about, the ones that actually pay the bills! It took … More Dreams Come True!

Keeping Tabs.

There is something I want to get off of my chest today, and that is the world, the universe, life, or what ever you want to call it owes you …….NOTHING! If you are going around living your life believing that someone, God, the universe or this world owes you something then you are greatly … More Keeping Tabs.