I Am…..Beautiful!

There is pure beauty in all things if we care to look. The only reason that we wouldn’t see perfection or beauty in ourselves or in others is because we have been taught not to OR we choose not to. I found out the hard way that I was tired of pleasing others, tired of … More I Am…..Beautiful!

Let it Go!!

I have heard so many times that we need to just let things go, if we did then we would truly be healed inside and out. But how do we do that? I have been through a lot in my life and I must admit that all the stuff before Jack now seems so small, … More Let it Go!!

It Starts in You.

Why do we need people’s permission before we accept who we are? Do we need to make sure that we are abiding by others rules and their views of what is acceptable and what is not? Jack taught me to embrace who I was, to understand that I do not need anyone outside of myself … More It Starts in You.

Every Moment Counts.

Another cup? Yes please! It’s the small things in life, you know, those things we seem to take for granted that are the most wonderful. Chocolate, a chat with an old friend, a great cuppa or coffee, or slurping on an ice-cream at the beach in the summer as the sun goes down. Every moment … More Every Moment Counts.

Is Peace on Standby?

Everyday life can bombard us at times, we like to be in control of how our day pans out, but to be honest that isn’t the way it works, is it? Don’t get me wrong, it’s always good to plan ahead making sure that things are getting done to make our future a little better. … More Is Peace on Standby?

A Wrinkle in Time.

Love where you are! It’s true we definitely get old, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad thing, life is just giving you a new experience. Appreciate it! We have all stared into the mirror and looked upon our wrinkles, sagging skin, grey hairs and ever expanding waistlines in disgust. Why? I am 42 … More A Wrinkle in Time.

Unconditional Love.

It’s quite a simple blog today! You are born into this world as unconditional love from unconditional love, meaning that you are loved unconditionally just because you exist. No matter what circumstances you are born into on this planet, nothing can ever change the fact that you are made up of that love, born of … More Unconditional Love.